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Trading for Beginners Course

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

What you'll learn on this course..

This course will be your stepping stone on the road to your very own trading career all at your own pace in your own time.

Allowing you to trade your own funds safely and profitably on the financial markets.

This course will save you time, money and hours of frustration by teaching you the exact skills needed to succeed in the currency markets.

You will establish your own trading skills, rules and techniques that will be the backbone of your trading career..

What you'll learn:

  • Clear answers to the top three questions all new traders ask

  • 6 Golden rules new traders should follow to be successful

  • 2 Simple trading strategies you can go away and use today

  • How leverage works for you or against you if you don’t know how to manage it

  • What markets are and which ones suit you – are you an FX or Stock market trader?

  • A complete set of trading terms and concepts you need to get started

  • Your trading style – are you a scalper, investor or something in between?

  • How to identify potential trades in live markets

  • How to place a live trade with a clear trading strategy

  • The techniques you should use to limit your risk and maximize your upside

  • How to use the key functions of a trading platform

  • Lots of examples so you can see how trading is done by an experienced trader

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