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Chart One

Ultimate Forex Profits 

Trading Excellence Module 1


Technical Analysis 

Price Action 

Moving Average

Emotional Mastery 

Trend Lines

Key Moments


Risk Management 

Forex and the News 

Brokerage Accounts

Income Generator

Forex Pivots & Sniper


Trader Psychology

Chart Two

Forex Professional 

Trading Excellence 

Module 2 

Bollinger Bands

The Advanced Snapback

20 Bounce 

60 Minute Test Strategy

Snakes: Up & Down

Phase 2 Exhaustion

Unlimited Income Generator

Moving Average Crossover

Condition Yourself for Success

Chart Three

Forex Masterclass 

Trading Excellence Module 3 

Price Action


Horizontal Levels


Moving Averages

Trace Execution 

Ring Highs & Lows

Win Loss Ratio 

Risk Management

MACD Histogram Divergence

The Power Pivot 

Your Trader Personality 

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